The Case for the Event Technologist

The Case for the Event technologist

Over the past year and a half, the industry has been transformed. It has gone through a digital transformation out of necessity, one that seems to be sticking, as hybrid events are gaining in popularity. So, in this complex new era of virtual and hybrid events you, as an event prof, may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of not only being an expert in events but now is expected to be an expert in all things event tech. It is a lot, the market is saturated with event platforms and AV companies and apps. So many apps. You may be asking yourself how on earth are you supposed to navigate this market to find the right fit for you and your client? If this is a question you have asked yourself, you may need an Event Technologist.

The case for the event technologist is strong, and we believe every team needs one. We believe this so much in fact, that we have a whole team of event technologists.

So, what exactly is an event technologist?

They are your go-to for absolutely everything technologically related to your event. They provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of event technology and tools. The event technologist is there to focus on the tech so that you can focus on other aspects of your event. From building your virtual platform and app, to troubleshooting any issues that may occur within either, their whole responsibility is ensuring that your event tech works, and if it doesn’t, they can resolve the problem quickly and calmly, this is especially useful when the issue requires a bit more than a “have you tried turning it on and off again?” approach.

Your event technologist is there to give you professional advice, expertise and support. They are up to speed with event tech trends so you don’t have to be. They understand how tech integrations work and what always know exactly what the AV guys are saying. An event technologist knows how to use event tech to get the most out of your event and to ensure your attendees have an easy and enjoyable time interacting with the tech. When you are planning a hybrid event, you are essentially planning 2 events. One in-person and one virtual, so it makes sense to have an expert on your team to handle the virtual side of things. A hybrid event is complex, there are many moving parts to keep an eye on, having a go-to technical expert on your team is a sure way to make sure that the ball is not dropped for either experience.

As previously stated, the market is saturated with event platforms and tools. This is leading to each platform bringing out bigger and better updates, meaning that platforms and their setup, are becoming increasingly more complex. As an event organiser, you are used to fulfilling many roles and being an expert in several things, but with the speed at which new tech is being developed, it’s hard to keep up.

Luckily, with us, you don’t have to.

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