Let's talk about event registration

Let’s talk about Event Registration

The event registration website and form are where you lay the foundation for a successful event. This foundation begins with the beautifully thought out and designed invite that you and your designer spent what felt like an age, perfecting. This invite needs to direct your attendees to an equally well-thought-out website and opportunity to register. You could do this all manually of course. You could spend many many sleepless nights leading up to the event making sure you have captured everyone’s RSVPs correctly and noted that Sharon M is allergic to prawns, and Daniel B needs a double room, and end up with Sharon M in a double room while Daniel B is enquiring rather loudly as to why he is in a single room with no prawns. Or something equally as nightmare-inducing. You can 100% avoid hiccups like the aforementioned by using an agency that can manage your RSVPs for you.  At Symbiometry we specialise in creating event and incentive trip websites that drive registrations and inform guests of what they can expect. We firmly believe in an online event registration platform to minimise potential RSVP disasters. When you choose to manage your RSVPs online, you are choosing to have all of your information organised into one, easily accessible, place. If you have never used an agency to manage your RSVPs and communications for you, but have been slogging through Google pages to find a better alternative, for your sanity, then rejoice! You have found the right place. When you outsource your registration and communications, you are still in control. You tell us how, what, when, and where, and we do it. Simple. We design your website and registration form with you, using our many (MANY) years of experience. Not sure if you need a single-page website or multiple pages? Not to worry. We handle all of that. Not sure what exactly you need? Again, we have got you covered. Outsourcing your registration means you have more time to focus on the other, more pressing matters of managing your upcoming event, while we work in the background keeping track of everyone who registers, and making sure that your reminder to attend gets sent out exactly when you wanted it to. So, what are your options for a registration site with Symbiometry? Let’s break it down:

  1. We offer a single page RSVP site, which consists of a landing page and form. This is for when you do not need to convey much information to your attendees and is super basic, but effective. Our single page option is customisable, sleek,  and cost effective. All you need to do is provide your artwork, unless you want us to design it for you, which we are happy to do, and the information that needs to go on the website, as well as your form questions. Super simple right? 
  2. Option 2, is our multi-section scrolling website. This is for your larger conferences, incentive trips and events. This option is for when there is lots of information, like agendas, leaderboards, speaker profiles, etc. Our scrolling sites are modern, really easy to use and navigate and can look and feel however you need them to. The possibilities are endless. 

With either option, we manage your communications.  You can have a payment gateway, linked accommodation options, seating plans, COVID feedback forms and questionnaires. We provide a full service. We really do handle everything from when the attendee clicks YES. All of this information is given to you as a live report, updated in real-time. So you never miss a beat. And that’s it. Those are your two registration site options. We like to keep things simple at Symbiometry.

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