Virtual Bootcamps

The word Bootcamp for most conjures up images of sweaty, intense early morning workout sessions which make you want to cry or puke, or both,

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Hybrid Events

Virtual Events : Continued

In our last blog post, we outlined the basics of planning a virtual event. We touched briefly on what kind of sessions you can have

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Hybrid Events

Heading to Hybrid Events

Virtual events have been a lifeline in the events industry for the past few months, and many, if not all event professionals have pivoted to

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Virtual Events

Beyond the humble webinar

Undoubtedly, you have attended many virtual events and meetings in the past month and are probably in the process of planning your own virtual event

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Event App

How to Monetise Virtual Events

The meetings and events industry is undoubtedly facing its biggest challenge since the 2008 financial crisis. But in true event management style, we have a

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