Virtual Events : A Beginner’s Guide

Planning and executing a virtual event can feel a tad overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before and have no clue what it entails.
From choosing what platform to use, to deciding on the agenda, session length, to what kind of sessions you will have. It can make your head spin, mostly because for many of us this new territory. So, take a deep breath, and carry on reading because we have put together a list of what you need to do for a virtual event as an event or meetings organiser and what we do, here at Register Event, as your virtual platform solution provider.
So, first things first, you need to know what type of content will be delivered, once you know that, you can figure out what type of platform you will need to use.
The next question that you will need to ask yourself is; how you plan on delivering your content?
Will you be using a live webinar format or prerecorded content? (this is also one of the first things a platform provider will ask you)
Will you need professional AV teams to provide you with a live stream feed of your content? Then, you need to know if there will be concurrent sessions or just plenary sessions?
Will you offer virtual exhibitions, virtual networking functions or virtual group meetings?
Let’s break those questions down and run through your options when you use our platform.

What type of content will you deliver? There are different types of content you can deliver:

Session Content.
This type of content is typically a one-way presentation of content. Sessions mirror your live event; you can have multiple presenters, you can have a small number of attendees or a large number. You can include an interactive component in your sessions such as live Q&A and polling.

Static Content.
This is the information provided to your attendees such as agenda details, virtual exhibitor profiles, downloadable brochures.

Interactive Content.
These are the smaller interactions available during an event, such as one-to-one meetings, networking and group functions, poster presentations, meeting hub video chats and instant meetings between attendees and exhibitors.

Now to figure out how you will deliver your content, there are 3 ways you can deliver content: fully pre-recorded, live presentations or you can live stream sessions using a professional AV team. This choice is dependent on the type of event. It’s worth noting that just because you have decided that the content is best delivered in pre-recorded video format, does not mean that there is no attendee engagement – you can still run live Q&A and polls during a pre-recorded session.
Finally, you need to decide what your sessions will look like before we take the wheel and do that hard tech stuff. With us you have several options available, you can have Plenary Sessions, Concurrent Sessions, and targeted Sessions (filtered for a specific subset of your virtual audience), these sessions can be live, pre-recorded or a mix of both.
It is up to you, the rest is up to us to make your virtual event a reality.
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