Information Roundup: Event App

Event apps are about to become an even more vital piece of event technology as we move into the world of hybrid events, from contactless event-check-in options to effortless communications and the ability to send push notifications;  event apps will (if they are not already) become a powerful and essential tool to have in your arsenal as an event organiser. Attendee apps have an array of benefits, and with hybrid events being with us for the foreseeable future, it’s good to know your options and what’s available. That’s where we come in.

Below, we take a look at our event app offering, which will give you a better understanding of what types of event apps are available and what is needed for your event. We’ll go into more detail on the different options in further posts. Using an event app gives attendees instant access to the information they need, when they need it, with features such as Agenda (the general event agenda) and My Agenda (their personalised agenda of what they have RSVP’d for). There is also Speaker Search and Exhibitor or Sponsor Search so that your attendees can find what/who they need to instantly.

Apart from being an information hub, an app can be used to drive and encourage engagement between attendees, speakers and exhibitors by using EventStream Engage; our comprehensive gamification platform, which is all easy and simple to use; one of the most important aspects of any app. With events moving further into the hybrid space, features that drive or encourage both virtual and live attendee engagement are important. Live polls and Q&A are excellent tools to keep virtual and live attendees engaged. Live polls allow presenters to ask questions of their live and virtual audience members, collect the responses, and display the results immediately to the audience. Live Q&A lets your attendees submit questions in real-time to the presenter and your presenter will be able to answer questions from virtual attendees and live attendees via the same screen, at the same time.

Another feature you might want to make sure of is that your chosen mobile attendee app has exhibitor lead management capabilities. With the app, exhibitors are able to scan a barcode or QR code from an attendee’s app when they visit the exhibitor’s booth. The exhibitor is then able to capture demographic details about the attendee, and ask them customised lead qualifying profile questions during their visit, making the app an invaluable tool for exhibitors.

Attendee apps are a powerful tool.

Not only can an app ensure that the live and virtual attendees remain connected and that they can interact with one another, but they can also keep both virtual and live attendees engaged with the event and interacting with speakers, exhibitors and sponsors too, making mobile attendee apps are a hybrid event must-have.

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