Beyond the humble webinar


Undoubtedly, you have attended many virtual events and meetings in the past month and are probably in the process of planning your own virtual event as restrictions on gatherings are still in place while the world continues to navigate a way through the coronavirus pandemic. Virtual events can be a little drab if done incorrectly and many attendees may be tempted to let the webinar play muted in the background while they continue to tend to the kids or push play on the next episode of a Netflix show.

So, how do you, as an event planner, make a virtual event a hit? Simple, instead of a simple webinar on Zoom etc, keep attendees engaged using a virtual event platform. So, what is the difference between a plain old webinar, and using a virtual event platform? Well, for starters you don’t need to pull your hair out trying to build and manage the said platform, we do that for you, with you. You don’t need to speak tech, just events. You also do not need to have sleepless nights worrying over the security issues that could pop up with a webinar, as we boast secure login per attendee. 

  1. An unlimited number of attendees can log in at once. This is great because we are seeing that virtual events seem to have a higher attendance rate than their in-person counterparts. There is also the option to monitor attendees check-in/out times. 
  2. With Register Event, you can run a multi-day event on the same platform. 
  3. You can have a personalised agenda and group agenda view, with the option to set up one-on-one meetings that slot into your personal agenda. 
  4. There are multiple venues in one platform – for example, you can have one-on-one meetings, breakaway rooms and an exhibition hall. With having the option of multiple, separate virtual meeting rooms, private invite-only meetings can be arranged for attendees
  5. Speaking of having an exhibition hall, there is an option for exhibitor lead retrieval and contact exchange with the contacts being exported to excel. 
  6. Your attendees have the option to download the presenter’s/exhibitor’s documents and can view online video presentations, where they can interact with the presenter via live Q&A.
  7. Further to keeping attendees engaged with live Q&A, there is also the option of sending live notifications to all, or some of your attendees.  

These are just 7 examples of why using a virtual platform rather than just a webinar service enhances the overall virtual event/meeting experience, which is important as it would seem virtual/hybrid events are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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