2021 : Virtual is ‘still’ in


We are more than halfway through the first month of 2021, and many countries have entered into strict lockdowns once again, as the second wave of the virus wreaks havoc and infection rates continue to climb around the world. Hopes of the events industry bouncing back to normal, or at least beginning to recover in the first quarter of 2021 or even the second, have been dashed. Live events will return, eventually. There is hope for our industry thanks to the mass rollout of vaccines in several countries, it’s just a really slow process. So for now, virtual events are in and live events are out.

2020 was a year of devastation for our industry, there is no doubt about that, but things seemed to pick up towards October, making small live and hybrid events possible, but then the second wave came rolling in forcing us to retreat back indoors and online. Until the mass rollout of vaccines has been achieved across the globe, events will remain in the virtual/hybrid space. So, if you haven’t yet pivoted to virtual, now would be the time, because 2021 is shaping up to be much like 2020, with events pushed from 2020 to 2021, now being pushed from February to October, why not take them virtual? We just don’t know what this year will hold for event professionals and our industry, we can’t predict when things will begin to normalise again so we just don’t know if that congress you postponed until October 2021 is going to be able to be a live event. So rather than live with the uncertainty and postponements, why not nudge your client towards hosting a virtual event or meeting?

Finding a virtual event platform that you like has turned out to be pretty hard, there are so many options available. You may have felt overwhelmed in 2020 with the whole idea of an event platform and just gone with a simple Zoom webinar, or gone with a DIY solution, which, I’m sure, had you pulling your hair out. So in 2021 why not try a platform that is user friendly, with so many possibilities for you to create an amazing virtual experience, and the best part? We build what you need, for you, with you.