Managed event technologist services for your registrations, communications, virtual & hybrid events.

While you focus on delivering unforgettable experiences, our team of event technologists will focus on making sure every aspect of your event is covered. From pre-event communications, the setup of your event website, registrations, producing live virtual sessions alongside your AV team all the way to post-event surveys.

We will provide guidance and dedicated live support every step of the way.


We know event tech can be tricky...

How are you supposed to keep up with your workload planning events and manage your event websites, apps, registrations, virtual environments and analytics?

This is where we come in, we handle all of that for you, and you focus on continuing to create amazing experiences.

We understand how frustrating and expensive tech can be.

This is why we offer you a free 15/30/60 minute consultation call to go over your event and guide you on the most cost-effective options available to you. 

During this call we’ll be able to establish what you’ll be doing to bring your event to life and what you’ll require us to do.

Everything we offer is pay-to-use, so there are never any hidden costs.

Some of the services we have to offer you.


We specialise in creating event and incentive trip websites for you that drive registrations and inform your guests of what they can expect.

Over the years we have created websites for all kinds of M.I.C.E. 

From international conferences managing accommodation, flights and transportation to small corporate meetings. 

Even though each might have similar requirements, every site/event needs different things.

  • Single Page Scrolling Websites
  • Single Page form only websites
  • Multi-Page Websites


We create mobile applications for you, the event organiser, and your attendees. We’ve been busy recently creating event check-in apps for organisers with Covid-19 requirements in mind.

Event apps are a vital piece of event technology; from contactless event-check-in options to effortless communications and the ability to send push notifications;  event apps are an essential tool to have in your arsenal. 

Using an event app gives attendees instant access to the information they need when they need it. You want an attendee mobile app for your event that can do much more than simply keep attendees informed about schedule changes. 

With our apps, you can add gamification to create an engaging, immersive experience that blurs the boundary between your event venue and its interactive digital space. Combined with the power of your organiser app, the attendee app ensures every participant is a connected part of the action.

  • Event Organiser App
  • Check-In App with Covid-19 capabilities
  • Attendee App
  • Gamification
  • Event specific social network
  • Exhibitor Lead Capture 

Virtual Events

We’ve coordinated a multitude of  virtual events since Covid-19 hit. Our go-to virtual event platform is far more than a webinar and offers engagement, networking and gamification options for all of your attendees.

Finding a virtual event platform that you like has turned out to be pretty difficult, there are so many options available. 

You may have felt overwhelmed with the whole idea of an event platform and just gone with a simple Zoom webinar, or a DIY solution, which, I’m sure, had you pulling your hair out. So, why not try a platform that is user friendly, with so many possibilities for you to create an amazing virtual experience, and the best part? 

We build what you need, for you, with you. At Symbiometry, we create a customised platform for your event with all the functionality required to turn virtual events into reality, including registering for sessions, meeting matching, plenary and speaker sessions, lead capture, sponsor advertising, and live Q&A and polls, plus much more. Our platform allows attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers to meet in a secure space to present, showcase, learn, network and discuss business. 

Available in 2D and 3D modes.

Hybrid Event Solutions

Hybrid events have been a ‘thing’ for a long time now, that thing isn’t going anywhere for a long while yet. When you’re having an event that caters to in-person and virtual attendees, we have a suite of solutions to make your life that much easier.

A hybrid event is the seamless integration of your virtual and in-person event to form a well-rounded event that caters to everyone involved. This can take place concurrently or separately. We plug into your live event to deliver the best virtual experience for your online attendees to meet in a secure space to present, showcase, learn, network and discuss business.


Webinars are great when you need to connect with a large number of people and share information with them without the extras or added engagement, gamification, networking and long registrations. For those who need less than a virtual event, we have you covered.

When you need to run a webinar in Zoom, Google Meet etc we will manage the entire process for you from invitation to completion. 

Event Check-In Solutions

Checking into an in-person event is often the most tedious part of any event. We’ve streamlined the process of checking in, with or without an event badge, to an art. 

Along with the contactless auto check-in option in the attendee app, which is an extremely practical feature and means that attendees scan a QR code posted on a sign or wall, making the Attendee App a vital piece of your Covid-19 related safety measures, we offer a self-check-in kiosk app.

We also have the option of sending attendees print-at-home badges to bring with them to events to decrease physical interaction and increase check-in times.

Registration Solutions

The event registration website and form are where you lay the foundation for a successful event. This foundation begins with the beautifully thought out and designed invite that you and your designer spent what felt like an age, perfecting. This invite needs to direct your attendees to an equally well-thought-out website and opportunity to register.

  • One-On-One meeting allocation
  • Hotel Inventory Management
  • Exhibition Management Portal
  • Abstract Management Portal
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Membership Module

Additional Solutions

A successful event is relative and entirely subjective. There can be many more requirements and moving parts than just a website, registration form and app. We have solutions for most of those problems you may have.

  • Table and Seating allocations
  • A Full Client Reporting Portal
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Invoicing and post-event reconciliation
  • Collection App for handouts and “goodie bags”
  • We fully manage all communications for you from invitations until the final post-event communications
  • Live and Post Event Surveys
  • CME Portal Management and Certificates
  • Membership Module for Associations
  • Additional back-office administration (call centre, financial management etc)